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How to Choose a Stud Dog for your Bitch - Good Practice
Added on 05/05/2011 at 13:40:52

Let’s be honest, choosing to breed your precious girl was a hard decision to start with. Let alone the daunting task of choosing the right stud-dog. I shall try and guide you through that choice with as little confuddling technical talk as possible...
Ideally you need both your bitch’s pedigree and the potential stud’s pedigree. Check your bitch’s pedigree first. You are looking for lineage that has some similarities in grandparants/great grandparents etc. for both your bitches Dam(mum) and Sire(dad) so if her dad’s grandparent was Thingumyjig Florence and her mums great great great grandparent was also Thingumyjig Florence, then this indicates some good line-breeding in her past. However, if your bitch has any signs of in-breeding, i.e her Dam was breed with her Sire who was also the Dam’s brother (look for any incestuous relationships) then her lineage is probably a little ‘dodgy’
If your bitch has a lineage that is ‘dodgy’ i.e. you don’t have it/signs of in-breeding; then either:
a. Don’t breed from her at all (The best choice)
b. Choose a stud with completely different lineage/looks.

At this point you will have subconsciously at least, decided that you will breed your bitch. The next steps are to do with ensuring, as much as you can, that you breed good puppies.

1.Simplistically, you are looking for some similarities in lineage but not at the parent or grandparent level. For example; if my bitch Millie had a great-grandparent called Mount Baycliffe Cascade and your potential stud’s great-great grandparent was also Mount Baycliffe Cascade, then this is acceptable cross-over and you are likely to produce puppies with some of the same characteristics that Mount Baycliffe Annavah Cascade had. (Line-breeding)

2.Avoid "In Breeding". It is an exaggerated form of Line Breeding (as described above). Where grand-daughter to grand-father, niece to uncle, half brother to half sister is line breeding, In Breeding includes mother to son, father to daughter, and full brother to sister. Incestuous mating’s are sure to bring out any hereditary faults as they are doubled up from both dam (bitch) and sire (stud) sides.

3.Check the physical attributes of the bitch and prospective stud dog themselves. Both should be suitable as individuals and represent a good type of their breed.

4.Never breed from shy or nervous animals no matter how good they are physically.

5.Do not choose a stud dog just because he is in your local area. Look online, get recommendations

6.Ideally, choose two potential studs, so that you have a back up should one become unavailable. As soon as she is in season inform both, and then take you pick from their positive responses.

7.Pay for the service as and when it is carried out, avoid the stud owner having first choice of puppies as you will lose the pick of the litter.

8.Obtain the Kennel Club registration form and ensure that the stud-owner is willing to sign it off. Ideally get this is them to sign it off there and then.

9.Ensure your bitch is taken to the stud on the correct day this is normally between 11-13th day of the season but can depend entirely on your bitch. You can purchase ovulation tests online to check for the right time or get this checked at your vet.

10. Ensure you have a written agreement or receipt that shows that should your bitch not get pregnant, the stud dog will give you a free mating, next time she comes into season.

11.Make sure that your bitch has up to date inoculations before you take her to be mated and under no circumstances visit a stud dog if she is at all unwell, if you are concerned then a visit to the vet would not go awry!

Good Luck!

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